Bass Pro Shops Between the Scales Pro Angler Video Series
Bass Pro Shops Between the Scales Pro Angler Video Series

Bass Pro Shops Between the Scales follows professional anglers as they prepare and practice for a specific stop along the MLF Bass Pro Tour. Watch NITRO pros as we get a look behind the scenes of a professional bass angler between the scales of weigh-ins.

Episode 3

Ott Defoe

Between The Scales Episode 3 Joins professional bass angler Ott Defoe as he prepares for the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour Stage 2 tournament. In this behind-the-scenes video, you'll see how Ott organizes his tackle and equipment, and hear his insights on what lures he expects to use during the tournament. Watch as Ott shares his love of tinkering with baits and making his own crankbaits, giving him an advantage over other tournament fishermen. Don't miss this insider's look into the life of a professional angler and the preparation that goes into each tournament. Be sure to subscribe to Bass Pro Shops YouTube channel for more content like this!

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Episode 4

Andy Montgomery

Follow Andy Montgomery, a professional bass fisherman, as he takes you on a journey through his daily life of balancing fishing tournaments, farm work, and family. Watch as he prepares for Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour Stage 3 tournament at Lake Murray and gives insights into his product development and marketing efforts. Learn how he channels his competitive energy into breeding the best cattle and catching the biggest bass. Join us for a glimpse into the life of a successful professional bass fisherman.

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Episode 6

Kevin VanDam

In this exciting installment of Between the Scales, we dive deep into the illustrious career of none other than Kevin VanDam, the renowned professional angler. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind KVDs incredible success and gain invaluable insights into his tournament preparation techniques. In this episode, Kevin tells us about his journey, sharing the highs and lows that have shaped him into the angling legend he is today. Discover the strategies and mindset that have propelled him to the top as a professional angler, as he reveals the meticulous preparation he undertakes before each tournament. But that's not all! As Kevin sets his sights on Lake Cayuga, get ready to learn how he plans to tackle this challenging fishing destination. With its unique characteristics and challenges, Kevin shares his expert tips and techniques. Stay tuned and join us on this exciting episode of BETWEEN THE SCALES!

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Episode 8

Edwin Evers

On this episode of Between the Scales we launch into the world of the highly competitive and intense professional bass angler Edwin Evers. Join us as Edwin prepares for the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour Stage 7 in Bay City, MI. With points secured for Redcrest, does he commit to small mouth fishing or prepare for large mouth as well? Edwin discusses his love for bass fishing and how at a young age he knew he had a love for fishing and that it would shape his career. From fishing out of an inflatable boat, working at a Ranger boats dealership, to fishing the Bass Pro Tour. Edwin Evers brings a distinct level of competitive edge to the professional angling world. You don't want to miss it!

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