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Boat Financing Basics

Avoid sensory overload on boat showroom floors, and especially in the finance office by planning ahead. Prepare and learn about the basics of financing your new boat here.


In our dedicated trailer plant in Ozark, Missouri, we custom build trailers for every NITRO® boat, so you can be assured the fit will be perfect. This ensures a smooth, solid ride to and from the water, year after year.

NVT Bass Boat Hull

The NVT (NITRO® Vortex Technology™) Hull is a revolutionary design that uses a series of parabolic curves instead of traditional strakes. 

Recycling Christmas Trees for Fishing

It's a holiday downer when it comes time to undeck the halls and the Christmas tree. If you are an avid angler, though, you can look forward to the otherwise gloomy task, and give back to conservation!

csi award
CSI Awards

For nine consecutive years, NITRO Boats has been recognized for excellence in customer satisfaction by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA). 

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B.A.S.S. Nation Alliance | NITRO Boats

B.A.S.S. Nation members who purchase or own a qualifying NITRO boat are eligible for Alliance benefits!

How To Keep Your Boat Clean and Like New

Mike Sneed, service manager of the Springfield, MO TRACKER BOAT CENTER® answers your questions about how to keep your brand-new, or not-so-new, fishing boat in tip-top shape.

Buy With NITRO Boat Sales Connection

Our NITRO Boat Sales Connection Team can provide you an easy and convenient way to buy a boat almost instantly.  We have helped thousands of families find their perfect boat and fulfill their dreams of boat ownership.

Winterize Your Boat & Prep for Cold Weather

For most of the country, shorter days and crisper winds means that winter is on the way with colder temperatures. Learn how to prep your boat for the winter.

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