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Kevin VanDam Wins Lewisville and Breaks Lake Record

Lewisville, Texas-NITRO®Pro Kevin Vandam won the 3rd Bassmaster E50 event of 2005 in a big way. How big? How about a 11.13- pound largemouth a new Lake Lewisville record. On the first day of the event Kevin shocked the Lewisville community and his fellow competitors bringing to the scales a fish of a lifetime.
"Itwas pretty awesome. I had no idea I would catch a fish like that. It was a shocker to me. To catch a fish like that in a tournament was pretty amazing."
Aftertwo days of the tournament, Kevin had a lead of 13 pounds only to have the weights zeroed for the next two days. "I knew I had my work cut out for me, but felt like I had some advantage being able to pick where I wanted to start on the course for the final two days. The course was totally different than where we had been fishing on the main lake. After I saw the weights on the 3rd day I was pretty shocked to be able to come back and win."
Withthis victory Kevin now leads the E50 points going into the last event. "Going into the last event it's going to come down to the top 3 or so guys. I like my chances. I fish to win every event."
Alsomaking the final two days and finishing in 5th was Oklahoma's Edwin Evers.
Sittingin 3rd place after 2 days, Edwin was ready to give the course a shot and win his 4th Bassmaster event.
"Ihad been fishing docks on the main lake. The fish were suspended and were eating my BASS PRO SHOPS® Tender Tube pretty good. When we had to fish the course the final two days the docks were few and far between so I fished a crankbait most of the time."
"Ireally felt that this was anyone's tournament to win on the last day and just a few good bites would have done the trick. I started off the day with a good fish and struggled for good bites the rest of the day."
"Thiswas a great tournament for TRACKER® Marine. 3 of the top 6 are all teammates and friends of mine. I was proud to have the chance to fish against the best."
Goodluck to all of the NITRO® Pros in the final Elite 50 event at Lake Wissota in Chippewa Falls, Wis.