Ozark Trailer Plant

Every NITRO® boat package rides on a custom-matched trailer designed and built for years of great rides off the water. As well as being color coordinated to match your boat, the trailer is loaded with features to tow smoothly and protect your boat on the road.

GalvaShield Allied Tube and Conduit

To start, NITRO trailers are constructed from top-grade steel tubing with our exclusive GALVASHIELD® corrosion protection, then covered with a baked-on powder-coat finish. This process ensures they keep their good looks intact through years of trips to and from the water.

Other convenience-minded features include a heavy-duty winch with a safety strap for secure towing. A dual-wheeled tongue jack. A swing-away tongue to shorten the storage length. Carpeted bunks to perfectly cradle and protect the hull. And more!

The result is a loaded, ready-to-go boat package that rides as well off the water as it does on it!

Swing-away trailer tongue
Standard on all NITRO trailers, it allows you to store your boat in tight spaces by shortening the overall length of the trailer.

Retractable Cables   Swing-away Trailer Tongue demonstration  

Nylon winch strap
The non-binding nylon strap with a safety strap is ideal for securing the boat to its trailer.

Pivoting tongue jack
The jack quickly raises or lowers for easy attachment to your vehicle and pivots to lock in place during transport.

Retractable safety cables
Retractable safety cables on all models make connecting the cables to your vehicle a breeze.

Carpeted bunks
Heavy-duty carpeted bunks provide excellent support for the hull running surface, cradling it and protecting it on the road.

Super Lube Hub

Super Lube hubs
Standard on all but the Z-9, our exclusive Super Lube hubs make maintenance easy. Just inject grease into the fittings to deliver maximum lubrication to both the inner and outer wheel bearings.

No Touch Vortex hubs
The Z-9 trailer comes with our No Touch Vortex hub lubrication system, so you no longer need to regrease or inspect your hubs!

No Touch Vortex hubs

Trailer Brake

Trailer brakes
Brakes are offered as an option on every trailer we make. Towing regulations regarding gross vehicle weight ratings vary by location, as do requirements for brakes on boat trailers. Check local regulations in areas where you�ll be towing your boat to determine the brake requirements for your boat, motor and trailer package.